Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Segment Information

Segment Information
3 Months Ended
Apr. 30, 2023
Segment Reporting [Abstract]  
Segment Information Segment Information
Segments are reflective of how the chief operating decision maker ("CODM") reviews operating results for the purpose of allocating resources and assessing performance. The CODM group of the Company are the Chief Executive Officer and the President and Chief Operating Officer. The Company's operating segments are the sales channels, which share similar economic and other qualitative characteristics, and are aggregated together as one reportable segment.
The Company’s sales by product which are considered one segment are as follows:
  Thirteen weeks ended
  April 30,
May 1,
(amounts in thousands)    
Sactionals $ 127,903  $ 115,002 
Sacs 10,737  11,927 
Other 2,553  2,451 
  $ 141,193  $ 129,380