Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Barter Arrangements

Barter Arrangements
3 Months Ended
May 05, 2019
Barter Arrangements  



The Company entered into a bartering arrangement with Icon International, Inc., a vendor, whereas the Company provided inventory in exchange for media credits. During fiscal 2018, the Company exchanged $577,326 of inventory plus the cost of freight for certain media credits. To account for the exchange, the Company recorded the transfer of the inventory asset as a reduction of inventory and an increase to a prepaid media asset of $534,407 which is included in "Prepaid and other current assets" on the accompanying consolidated balance sheet. The Company had $307,417 of unused media credits remaining as of February 4, 2018 that were used in full during fiscal 2019. There were no additional barter arrangements entered into during fiscal 2019 or the thirteen weeks ended May 5, 2019.


The Company accounts for barter transactions under ASC Topic No. 845 "Nonmonetary Transactions." Barter transactions with commercial substance are recorded at the estimated fair value of the products exchanged, unless the products received have a more readily determinable estimated fair value. Revenue associated with barter transactions is recorded at the time of the exchange of the related assets.