Built to last. Designed to evolve.

At Lovesac, we build products for life. For real life. For your whole life.

The Lovesac Company FY22 ESG Report covers our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, activities, metrics, and performance for the fiscal period of February 1, 2021, to January 30, 2022 (FY22).

Our vision for the future is to continue to grow and adapt through conscious business decisions, guided by the commitments we make today. Those commitments include: designing products to last, growth without excess resource consumption, maintaining a brand that values people—by treating them with love—and upholding a commitment to transparency with our customers and stakeholders. This vision culminates in our ambition to bring total comfort to millions of homes and become a trusted brand that is purpose driven and dependable.

We intend to continue providing updates about our ESG journey annually. You can view our current FY22 ESG report here. Past reports are available for viewing under the “View Historical Reports” link.

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What We Believe

We’re a company committed to living our values. Our guiding principles are the foundation of our business, grounded in true sustainability, and best describe how we think about our business. Our commitment to sustainability has long been central to our stated purpose and strategy. Every day, we make choices that help create a better future. There is only one Earth, and it contains a finite number of resources. We recognize we’re borrowing this Earth from our children, so our highest priority is to build products for life. For real life. For your whole life.

Our Pillars of Impact

Our strategic ESG Framework is built on three pillars of impact representing the core areas where Lovesac can drive positive change. We have set clear targets within each of these impact pillars. Over the next two decades, we will build an adaptive, comprehensive, strategy for each pillar and its associated goals. You can follow the development of this progressive journey in our annual ESG Reporting.


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For additional resources related to ESG progress in the areas of business ethics and supplier relationships, see our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and a summary excerpt from our Vendor Manual. Read the full FY22 ESG report for a complete description on how these programs fit into our greater ESG strategy.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Summary of our Vendor Manual Requirements

Sustainable Development Goals

We take inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations SDGs) to align our own strategic purpose with the highest social and environmental ideals of our world. Our vision contributes to the 6 goals shown here. Read our ESG Report to learn more about how we plan to contribute in each of these topic areas.

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Products should be Designed For Life, built to last a lifetime and designed to evolve with us. Inputs are sustainable, but even consumable parts can be built for replacement, recycling, or easy repair so they need not be thrown out. This is a higher standard of sustainability.

Planned obsolescence is an outdated business strategy that is irresponsible. Designed For Life products are beautiful because they are simple, loveable and classically enduring. They thus deliver heightened utility within their role, making life a bit easier. You don’t just buy a Designed For Life product, you invest in it.

Designed for Life (DFL) is a designation created by The Lovesac Company. To learn more about what DFL means, please visit our website.

Lovesac - Designed For Life

Focused on the Future

Lovesac is in the early stages of implementing its new operational design framework, called Circle to Consumer (CTC). CTC is the way we aspire to do business, delivering high-value products and services to consumers, and leveraging looped, localized, and long-term strategies to build lifetime relationships with increased value for our customers and other stakeholders. As we build on this CTC promise, our looped design and operations, together with our longer-term vision of fully integrated circularity, will make it easier for our customers and partners to participate in keeping our products in play longer and reducing overall waste. Localized activation will benefit communities directly and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint.