ESG :: The Lovesac Company (LOVE)

Our Guiding Principles

We can all win together

Doing less & doing best

We're borrowing this earth from our children

We do as we say

Love matters

"We're a company committed to living our values. Our guiding principles are the foundation of our business, grounded in true sustainability, and best describe how we think about our business. Our commitment to sustainability has long been central to our stated purpose and strategy. Every day, we make choices that help create a better future. There is only one Earth, and it contains a finite number of resources. We recognize we're borrowing this Earth from our children, so our highest priority is to build products for life. For real life. For your whole life."

Sustainable Development Goals

We take inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations SDGs) to align our own strategic purpose with the highest social and environmental ideals of our world. Our vision contributes to the 6 goals shown here.

We have elected to include in our reporting only those SDGs where Lovesac can make the most valuable contributions. This strategy allows us to focus energy and efforts into areas where we are truly able to activate change. The six SDGs listed here are those for which we have specific programs and goals to align with the UN agenda. Lovesac likely contributes to other SDGs not listed here and may include additional priority topics in the future development of its strategic ESG framework.

More information on the UN SDGs

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Lovesac strives to provide decent work and economic growth through our Associate benefits and engagement programs, and supplier relationships.

Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Our ambition to achieve a circular supply chain through CO programs encourages responsible consumption and production.

Goal 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our DFL and CO philosophies can push us to the leading edge of industry innovation and infrastructure

Goal 13 - Climate action

Our Zero-Emissions target requires us to take significant and immediate climate action.

Goal 10 - Reduced inequalities

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) framework and goals drive us to continually reduce workplace inequalities. Our vendor manual demands ethical and non-discrimination practices in our global supply chain.

Goal 14 - Life below water

Our partnership with Repreve® drives our goal to repurpose 1 Billion plastic bottles in our fabrics, keeping those plastics from making their way to our oceans.”