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Our ESG Pillars

A growing number of consumers are looking to their favorite brands to engage in a deeper sustainability conversation, seeking evidence of heightened ethical and environmental responsibility. Lovesac aims to exceed those expectations by becoming a leader of conscious action within our industry. We’ve created targets to drive progress against each of our three impact pillars—Love, Earth, and Purpose.

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Love. It’s the name we live up to.

We champion building meaningful relationships as we foster a culture that embraces and celebrates the experiences, beliefs, backgrounds, expertise, talent, and individuality of everyone. We purposefully and meaningfully weave DEI into every aspect of our business.

We seek to promote love, inclusion, and happiness in all that we do. #Lovematters

Targets: 50% Women in leadership roles | 30% BIPOC representation in leadership roles

In FY23 we rolled out trainings as part of our compliance learning modules on the following topics:

  • What does Diversity look like?
  • Respecting Gender Identity and Gender Expression

Today, more than ever, it’s clear that mental health is a crucial component to building Associate engagement and success at work. We offer several programs that reflect the importance of dedicating time for rest, regeneration, and providing resources for support through difficult times.

For example, in FY23 we offered Associates access to webinars on mental-health related topics, such as:

  • Extinguishing Burnout
  • Managing Fear and Anxiety
  • The Power of Positivity

Earth - Green forest with a stream cascading down the center.

  • We’ve committed to achieving zero waste and zero net emissions across our entire supply chain by 2040
  • Through our partnership with Repreve® our Sac liners and select fabrics are made with yarn from recycled plastic bottles. We aim to repurpose 1 Billion bottles in our fabrics
  • We’re educating our suppliers on responsible environmental practices, aiming to reduce our impact while helping our partners set their own sustainable goals

In FY23, 70% of our manufacturing partners participated in our Sustainable Supply Chain educational webinar series.

Lovesac Sustainable Supply Chain webinar topics included:

  • The importance of managing environmental impact for business
  • Lovesac’s Zero Waste and Zero Emissions goals
  • Requirements for annual environmental auditing
  • How to calculate energy, water, and emissions impacts
  • How to develop a sustainability strategy

Lovesac Zero Emissions Roadmap

Lovesac Zero Emissions Roadmap

Purpose - Two women looking at fabrics in front of a rack of different colored fabric

  • Lovesac’s commitment to purpose, honesty, and integrity begins at the highest levels of leadership, as captured in our Lovesac Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • We’re dedicated to becoming the most beloved home brand in America, and giving back to the communities we serve. Our corporate giving program, LOVESAC GIVES BACK aims to organize and scale future positive impact in our communities with a focus on providing the comfort of home to those in need.

Product Quality

We strive for all our products to meet or exceed performance requirements for product durability, safety, and strength through third-party testing.

Supply Chain Ethics

Lovesac has a zero-tolerance policy for any evidence of bribery and corruption, forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor. These practices are all unacceptable in our supply chain. Our expectations regarding ethics and sustainable operations are communicated to our manufacturing vendors via our Vendor Manual.