Sacs In The City...FINALLY!

LoveSac Celebrates The Opening Of Its First Store-Within-A-Store In NYC With An Almost Free Love Fest


Don't be surprised to see a line around the block, stretching further on down the street on Saturday, September 8 at the 14th Street Union Square location of Straight from the Crate lifestyle furniture store. LoveSac, Alternative Furniture Co., is celebrating its grand opening of the first LoveSac store-within-a-store location in Manhattan! Yes--there is actually something that Manhattan has not had--something totally unique and original that the self-proclaimed center of modern humanity, has not heretofore offered to city dwellers....Sacs in The City.

LoveSac has a strange underground following, having been featured on sets of numerous TV shows, in celebrity homes, and in movies. But having never used traditional advertising, it has grown by the merits of its products and brand, focused on delivering the ultimate in practical and unique media room and TV room furniture. LoveSac's entrepreneurial founder, Shawn D. Nelson, gained notoriety after winning $1,000,000 on national TV as the last man standing on Richard Branson's 2005 Fox reality TV hit, the Rebel Billionaire. But on Saturday, September 8, LoveSac will reveal its cult following to the city, when it holds its world-famous "Almost Free Love Fest" promotion at the 14th street location of Straight from the Crate--currently the exclusive dealer for LoveSac in the city. On this one day, 300 lucky LoveSac loyalists and first timers are invited to come out and stand in line to claim their 51% off to 99% off discount by drawing from a bag of 300 chips with every discount between 51% off and 99% off inside--and only those discounts. People arriving before 8:00 AM will be given 8 chances to draw. Participants will be allowed to buy up to 4 Sacs each with the discount they draw--literally saving hundreds on their choice of Sacs. Somehow there are always hundreds of people in line--and so you must arrive early, as the event is limited to stock on hand.

LoveSac is not just another furniture retailer, or brand of bland designs. Each core LoveSac product is a legitimate furniture invention, with patents to prove it. The "Sacs" that made LoveSac famous, put simply, are massively oversized bean bags filled with chopped Durafoam instead of styrene beads, and comes with a two-lifetime guarantee never to go flat, or break. The Durafoam is recycled from new sofa foam tailings, and is far more comfortable and resilient than bean bag beans--more like a gigantic pillow, than a stiff bean bag. LoveSac's latest invention, the Sactionals, is a cross between upholstery and Legos. With lifetime guaranteed wood frames upholstered in foam and fabric, Sactionals consist of 2 simple pieces, "Bases" and "Sides," that can be combined in any quantity in any configuration imaginable to build any furniture desired--no tools necessary. Chairs, sofas, chaises, ottomans, and of course, limitless sectionals are possible using only these two pieces. Sactionals pieces' patented dimensional relationship allow for this uncanny and limitless modularity, where, even in strange configurations, like the "Twister," the "Play Pen," or the "Guest Rest," all of the pieces line up perfectly, and snap together with ease using the simple, patented hardware included--much like Legos. Once connected they are rock solid. Sactionals inventor, Shawn D., believes that Sactionals will become, "The practical, 'default' furniture for the American TV room. It just makes so much sense in so many ways." he says about the washable, changeable, modular nature of this superbly comfortable furniture.

The best part about Sactionals is not just their amazing modularity, but the fact that they have totally machine-washable, changeable covers. These covers are tailor-fit, fastening underneath the pieces, allowing them to be invisibly removable, for a smooth, upholstered look--unlike cheap slip-cover sofas. Sactionals are reasonably priced. A Sactionals sofa (one Base with four Sides--where Sides act as the back pieces also, and Bases include the seat and back cushions) retails for as little as $600 in Khaki. With more expensive covers added, furniture shoppers may choose to pay as much as $1400 for the same sofa, with faux fur covers. Covers come ready to take home in many fabrics, from micro-fiber to cotton twill, with hundreds of other fabric choices available in just 3 weeks by custom order.

LoveSac's roots trace back to 1995, when Nelson was just 18 years old, built a seven foot Sac full of foam as a joke. The company has since grown like a weed out of his family's basement onto the national retail scene in an organic way. With only 20 "LoveSac Life" U.S. retail locations (one in Australia), LoveSac is just large enough to offer serious quality and selection in its product line, but small enough to offer truly original products to those savvy enough brand their living spaces with this up and coming quirky leader in alternative furniture, "LoveSac."

Source: LoveSac